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$2300 ounces! Goldman Sachs raises its 12-month gold price forecast

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Beijing, July 29 (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs raised its gold price forecast for 12 months to $2300 an ounce on the 28th, helped by a further decline in US internal interest rates and a favorable environment for safe haven gold, according to the Chinese website of Reuters.

According to reports from Goldman Sachs, the Fed can turn to inflation prone, and the number of people infected with the new crown is expected to rise by a tenth of a block, prompting gold prices to soar. \ According to the report, Goldman Sachs also said that worries about the dollar's behavior and the long-term viability of the reserve currency were the first to emerge. \ In essence, Reuters reported on July 28 that the U.S. dollar fell sharply against the euro to a two-year low on July 27, as new cases in the United States soared, and the Federal Reserve will hold a meeting this week, looking forward to the Fed's reaffirmation of its permission to keep interest rates low.

\ It is worth careful that not only Goldman Sachs, but also UBS wealth raised the gold price outlook a few days ago. According to a report on July 27, according to the office of investment director of UBS wealth management, it is time to raise the outlook of gold price in the next year. In the second half of the year, the current gold price rose from the original $1900 / oz to $2000, but the expectation that the gold price will peak in six months remains unchanged. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)


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